Account suspension and resolution

My Account’s Been Suspended – What Can I Do?

At Hostingly, we take account suspension seriously and only resort to it when absolutely necessary. If you find that your website is temporarily offline due to an account suspension, there are typically two common reasons for this:

Overdue Hosting Plan:

  • Your hosting plan’s payment is overdue.
  • Hosting invoices are generated 7 days before the renewal date, with an additional 7 day grace period after the renewal date, providing a two-week window for payment.
  • During this time, we typically send at least 4 email reminders before suspending your account.
  • To reactivate your site quickly, you can log in and pay the overdue invoice, usually within minutes.
  • Note that if your account goes overdue by 30 days, late fees will apply.
  • If overdue by 90 days, your account will be terminated, and all data will be permanently deleted.


Security Concerns:

  • Your site or email accounts have been compromised or pose a security threat.
  • To protect the integrity and reputation of your business, our network, and other customers on the same server, we may suspend your account if we detect potential security threats.
  • Our security measures include real-time file upload scans and periodic scans against malware databases.
  • If our systems identify a potential threat, we will temporarily suspend your account pending investigation.


Security Notices:

  • If your suspension is due to security concerns, you will likely receive a Security Notice detailing the issue(s).
  • We have a separate guide that provides details on what to do if you receive a Security Notice.


We understand the importance of security and strive to maintain a secure hosting environment. Our goal is to ensure the safety and performance of your website while minimising disruption. If you encounter an account suspension, please take appropriate action based on the specific reason, whether it involves overdue payments or security-related matters.