Can Hostingly design or modify my website?

At Hostingly, we primarily focus on providing unrivalled web hosting services.

Here’s what you need to know about website design and modification:

Website Design: No, we do not offer website design services. Our core expertise lies in delivering secure, reliable, and high-quality hosting services. Designing websites is not our primary area of specialization.

Reasons: There are two main reasons for this approach. Firstly, we want to excel in what we do best, which is web hosting and server management. Secondly, many of our customers are web designers themselves or already have their own design professionals. We aim to support their efforts rather than compete with them.

Small Changes: While we do not engage in website design, we can assist with correcting simple misconfigurations or removing illegal content from your site. However, you are responsible for your website’s content.

Extensive Work: In exceptional cases, we may agree to carry out more extensive work required to make your website function correctly, especially if you transferred it from another host. This type of work may involve a nominal charge, which must be agreed and paid before we begin.

Workload Consideration: Please note that depending on our workload, we may decline to undertake extensive work. In such situations, we recommend seeking the assistance of a local web developer to meet your website needs.