How to choose the right hosting plan

Selecting the ideal hosting plan for your website can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re new to web hosting.

We’ve simplified the technical aspects to help you choose the right hosting plan without overwhelming you with jargon.

Below we break down some of the key points to help you make an informed decision:

Understanding Hardware Basics:

Focus on CPU, RAM, and Storage when choosing your plan.

Explaining RAM (Random Access Memory):

RAM acts like short-term memory, holding data for quick access.
In short, the more RAM your have, the smoother the performance of your website.

Introducing CPU (Central Processing Unit):

The CPU processes requests made to your website/server. A request is every time someone visits or interacts with your site.
An overloaded CPU can slow down your site, often due to high traffic or resource-intensive scripts. The more CPU processors you have generally equates to a faster website, but this works best with a well optimised website.

Understanding Disk Space:

Disk space is like long-term memory, storing files, and data.
SSD and NVME storage options are available, both are fast, but NVME is the fastest, so choosing a package that uses nVME storage typically gives faster load times.

Differentiating SSD and NVME Storage:

SSD: Slower but still fast.
NVME: Faster, more efficient, and used in premium servers.

Determining Your Resource Needs:

Based on our experience, these are what our typical recommendations would be:

Small Sites (e.g., WordPress blogs): Stardust, Cosmos or if WordPress, use a Managed WordPress plan.
Medium Sites (e.g., small E-Commerce): Stellar or Orion plan.
Large Sites (e.g., high-traffic E-Commerce): Orion or Solaris plan.

Exploring Advanced Options:

For specific needs or escalated privileges, consider VPS or Dedicated Server.
Consult with us or your developer for advice on the best solution for your specific needs.
Choosing your hosting plan may seem complex, but understanding your resource requirements and consulting with your developer can make the decision easier. Our sales team is also available to assist you further.