How to create FTP accounts

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows you to transfer files between your computer and your web hosting space. Hostingly supports SFTP (SSH FTP) and FTP/S (explicit SSL/TLS FTP).

This guide explains how to manage FTP accounts, both the default FTP account and additional ones. These accounts are used for file transfers between your computer and your web hosting space. We’ll outline the steps to create additional FTP accounts, but please note that SFTP (SSH FTP) is recommended for the default FTP account.

Default FTP Account:

  • The default FTP account uses your cPanel username and password.
  • It provides access to your entire hosting directory structure, starting from /home.
  • Use SFTP (SSH FTP) on port 722 with your cPanel username and password.

Creating Additional FTP Accounts:

  • Log in to your cPanel account.
  • Navigate to cPanel > Files > FTP Accounts & FTP Connections.

In the Add FTP Account section:

  • Log in: Enter a username for the new FTP account (e.g.,
  • Domain: Select the domain to associate with this FTP account.
  • Password: Enter the desired password and confirm it.
  • Directory: Specify the directory to which this FTP account will be restricted (the user cannot browse above this path).
  • Quota: Set the maximum amount of space you want to allocate to this directory and its subdirectories. You can enter a number to limit the user’s uploads or select “Unlimited.”

Click the Create FTP Account button to complete the process.

  • Note: Passwords should have a minimum of 5 characters and meet a password strength of 65/100, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. You can use the built-in Password Generator to create a strong password.

Deleting an FTP Account:

  • You can safely delete an extra FTP account without removing the uploaded files.

Changing FTP Password or Quota for Additional Accounts:

  • To change the password or quota of an additional FTP account, go to the FTP Accounts section in cPanel and click the Change Password or Change Quota links for the respective account.


Please make sure to securely manage passwords for FTP accounts and regularly update them for security reasons.