How to login to cPanel

cPanel is your gateway to managing various aspects of your web hosting. To access cPanel, follow these steps:

Via Your Welcome Email:

Your cPanel login details can be found in your welcome email.

Accessing cPanel Through Hostingly Client Area:

  • Start by logging in to your Hostingly Client Area.
  • Click on “My Services” or select “Services” > “My Services” from the menu.
  • Choose the appropriate package and click “Manage Product.”
  • Click the “Login to cPanel” button.

Direct Access to cPanel:

If you’ve purchased your domain and hosting together from Hostingly, you can usually access cPanel via https://your-domain/cpanel. For example, if your domain is, use
If your domain name doesn’t resolve to our server’s IP address due to nameserver settings, log in using https://serverhostname/cpanel. Your server hostname can be found in your welcome email or in our guide on finding your home server name.

Note for Reseller Clients:

Reseller clients should direct inquiries about cPanel access, email accounts, or other services to their reseller.

Accessing cPanel is your key to managing your web hosting efficiently.