How to restore an email backup

Restoring or downloading an email account backup is straightforward with JetBackup. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to your cPanel account.
  • In the Files section, access JetBackup from the dashboard.
  • Click on “Email Accounts” in the JetBackup dashboard.
  • Choose the email account you want to restore.
  • To restore to a specific date, click “Choose other backup” and select the desired backup date.
  • Click the “Restore” button once you’ve made your selection.
  • Confirm the restore by clicking “Restore Selected Items.”
  • To monitor progress, return to the dashboard and click “Queue.”


Please note that restoring an email account replaces the entire mailbox, including emails received between the backup and restore times. You cannot restore individual emails or folders using this method.

Additionally, JetBackup allows you to download backup files for your records if needed.