How to restore your home directory

JetBackup is our system backup tool, allowing you to restore files, databases, CRON jobs, DNS Zones, email, SSL certificates, and your entire account. You can also download backup copies for your records.

Restoring Files:

  • Log into your cPanel.
  • Under the Files section, click JetBackup in the dashboard.
  • Choose the Home Directory icon.
  • Select the desired backup date/time and click Change File Selection.
  • Pick the files/directories to restore or download.
  • Click Restore or Download, and follow the prompts.
  • Monitor progress in the Job Queue.

Restoring Email Accounts and Databases:

For email accounts or databases, we have separate guides to help you with the restoration process.

Backup Downloads:

You can also download backups for files, email accounts, databases, CRON jobs, DNS Zones, and SSL certificates following the steps above, but making the relevant selection.

JetBackup simplifies the process of restoring your data, ensuring your website and associated services are always up and running as needed