How to secure a folder with a password in cPanel

You can secure a directory with a password using cPanel’s “Password Protected Directories” feature. Here are the steps:

1.) Log in to your cPanel account.

2.) In the “Files” section, locate and click on the “Directory Privacy” icon.



3.) Click on the folder icon to open the desired directory.



4.) Select the directory you want to protect with a password and click “Edit”.

5.) In the “Security Settings” section, check the box labeled “Password protect this directory.” Provide a name for the protected directory, such as “Password Protected Area.” Then, click the “Save” button.



6.) Return to the previous page by clicking the “Go back” button.

7.) You will now be prompted to create a username and password. Scroll down the page to the “Create User” section. Enter the desired username and password, or use the Password Generator option to create a secure password. You can copy the username and password to a notepad for future reference. Be sure to click the “Save” button.



Now, when you attempt to access your password-protected directory via your web browser using a URL likeΒ, your browser will prompt you to enter a username and password for access.