How to setup email forwarding

Setting up email forwarding in cPanel is a convenient way to redirect emails from one address to another or forward them for an entire domain. Here’s how to set up email forwarding using cPanel:

Step 1: Access the Email Forwarder options.

  • Log in to your cPanel account and locate the “Forwarders” icon in the EMAIL section.


Step 2: Choose the forwarding option.

  • You have two options:
  • Forward email from one address to another.
  • Forward email for an entire domain.

Step 3: Forwarder hints & tips.

Here are some helpful tips and information regarding email forwarding:

  • You don’t need to create a full email account for each address you want to forward. For example, if your domain is, and you want to forward email from to, you don’t need to create a mailbox for Instead, select from the dropdown list when adding a forwarder and then enter “sales” in the “Address to Forward” box and “” in the “Forward to Email Address” box.
  • You can forward email for an existing mailbox. When you do this, a copy of the incoming message will be retained in the original mailbox inbox, and another copy will be forwarded to the configured forwarding addresses.
  • If you want to forward an email address to multiple destinations, create multiple forwarders, one for each destination email address.


By following these steps and tips, you can easily set up email forwarding in cPanel to efficiently manage your email communications.