How to use Immunify 360

What is Immunify360?

Immunify360 is our advanced security solution, leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning technology to offer multi-layered protection against various forms of malicious attacks and unusual activities, including distributed brute force attacks.

How do I run a malware scan with Immunify360?

You don’t need to manually scan files with Immunify360 because it’s designed to work proactively.

Why not?

Immunify360 utilises machine learning technology to automatically scan your files upon upload and every time they are modified. It compares them to an extensive database of known malware signatures, detecting harmful code and removing malicious files before they can harm your website. This continuous monitoring eliminates the need for manual scans.

How do I access Immunify360?

You can access Immunify360 through your cPanel, and it’s available across our entire hosting fleet.
Log into your cPanel.
Under the “Security” header, click on “Immunify360.”

How do I check for detected malware files?

  • Log into your cPanel.
  • In the “Security” section, click on “Immunify360.”
  • This will take you to the Files page, where you can view any malicious files detected by Immunify360.


Proactive Defence – What is it and can I disable it?

Proactive Defence safeguards PHP-based websites by automatically blocking potentially malicious executions, offering instant protection against zero-day attacks. It’s enabled by default and provides an additional layer of security by blocking PHP scripts that could harm your website or visitors. Proactive Defence offers three modes:

Disabled: This mode leaves your system unprotected. (this is restricted)
Log Only: In this mode, potential threats are logged, but no actions are taken (default mode).
Kill Mode: This provides the highest level of protection, terminating scripts upon detecting malicious activity.
We strongly recommend keeping Proactive Defence in Kill Mode. Exercise caution when considering disabling it.

How do I disable Proactive Defence?

Due to the risk of this in shared hosting environments, we have a strict policy where this is enabled by default. If you have a specific requirement for disabling it, please speak to our support via live chat or open a support ticket.