The Affiliates Area


Our affiliate program comes packed with a suite of exceptional features, each designed to empower you and boost your affiliate income.

In this article, we’ll delve into the core functionalities that set our program apart. From the versatile URL Generator, which lets affiliates create links to any page on your website, to the convenience of direct linking without an affiliate code, and the ability to track your commissions history right in your client area.

We’ll also explore the exciting prospect of Tier Recruiting. But that’s not all—there’s much more to discover. So, let’s dive in and uncover the full potential of our affiliate area together.


To see the affiliates overview, from the client area click “affiliates”. You should then see something similar to this:


A quick look at the boxes gives you all the core information:

  • Available Commissions Balance: shows you an over view of all your earnings and which of those earning you can withdraw.
  • Clicks: How many visitors your links have generated.
  • Signups: How many signups your referrals have generated.
  • Conversions: The percentage of your overall referrals that have signed up with Hostingly.

Once your account reaches the minimum withdrawl amount of £25, you can click the Request Withdrawl button on the left.