Where to upload website files

The primary location to upload your website files in cPanel is the “public_html/” directory. Here’s a brief explanation:

Home Directory: Your cPanel account has a home directory, which is the initial directory you see when connecting via FTP, SFTP, or SSH with your primary cPanel user details. It contains various system files and directories.

public_html/: This directory is where you should upload your website files. If your domain is “yourdomain.com,” a file placed in “public_html/mypicture.jpg” would be accessible on the internet as “https://yourdomain.com/mypicture.jpg.” You can also use the “www” directory as a shortcut to “public_html.”

Always exercise caution when dealing with files and directories that begin with a dot (e.g., .htpasswds) and avoid modifying or deleting them unless you have advanced knowledge.

For add-on domains, the setup is a bit more complex. Refer to the guide “Understanding Primary, Parked, and Addon Domains” for more details.

It’s important to note that other files and directories in your cPanel account are essential for the proper functioning of your web hosting and email accounts. Stick to the “public_html/” directory for uploading your website files if you’re new to cPanel to avoid any issues with your hosting account.