Uncompromised Hosting Technology

We leverage the finest and most reliable technologies to deliver ultra-fast hosting tailored to websites of all sizes. Combined with our expert support, Hostingly stands ready to meet your hosting needs, no matter the scale.

Building Excellence

We excel by leveraging the best hardware and software, meticulously fine-tuned for peak performance, efficiency, and dependability. We're powered by cutting-edge liquid immersion cooling technology, enhancing both performance and reliability.

Our in-house experts leave no detail unattended, ensuring your hosting experience is truly exceptional.

Reliability at its Core

Our commitment to over-engineering means we maximize the lifespan of our hardware without compromising performance or availability.
This approach not only benefits you but also minimizes the environmental impact by using resource-intensive hardware more efficiently.

Best In Class Tech

Redundancy is integral to our infrastructure, encompassing CPU, RAM, power supplies, network cards, and SSD disks. Our fault-tolerant design ensures uninterrupted performance, safeguarding your website. This approach guarantees exceptional reliability, minimal downtime, and consistent, dependable performance.

DDoS & Security

Our low-latency connections ensure rapid content delivery for your website. We also offer 1.3Tbps of DDoS mitigation, providing a free protective shield for our clients.

We prioritise the security and responsiveness of your online presence, offering peace of mind and uninterrupted performance.


Performance, Reliability & security

We prioritise performance, reliability, and security, ensuring your online presence thrives with speed, dependability, and robust protection.

Performance optimised

We've built our software stack for peak performance, starting from scratch. With LiteSpeed caching and complete account-resource isolation, you'll experience lightning-fast resource delivery precisely when you need it.

LiteSpeed Web Server with LiteSpeed Cache enabled - supporting web protocols such as QUIC, HTTP/2 and HTTP/3.

PHP OPCache enabled by default.

Latest PHP performance enhancements are always available.

We leverage industry-leading CloudLinux OS is used to fully isolate user accounts for maximum security and to ensure your assigned resources are always available.

Comprehensive Layered Security

We spare no expense when it comes to security. We employ automatic scanning and detection and regularly inform you of all available security updates for your web applications.

We employ redundant hardware firewalls with integrated Intrusion Prevention filtering to proactively block emerging zero-day threats.

Our web application firewall utilises mod_security and comprehensive daily rulesets to effectively counter common attacks.

Immunify safeguards all content uploads through real-time scanning, effectively blocking known virus and malware threats for your protection

Frequent pro-active scanning to find any compromised content.

Performance, Reliability & security

We meticulously choose each facility for a fault-tolerant power and cooling mix, coupled with robust physical data security measures

They are ISO 27001, 27017 & 27018 compliant and are entirely liquid cooled.



Hosting IT servers demands energy. We innovate to reduce it. Our water-cooling system significantly cuts datacentre power consumption, showcasing our commitment to sustainability.



Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including high availability features, dual power supplies for reliability, and autonomous generators for backup during outages.



We strictly control building access, complying with high-security standards. Only authorised personnel can enter. 24/7 video surveillance and security guarantee site control.

Exceptional support

Our UK support team are gifted problem solvers. Get in touch for fast, effective and honest responses that genuinely help.

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