The best of IoT Tech Expo 2021

According to IoT Tech News, “IoT has crept into various aspects of our lives, from voice assistants to smartwatches, and they are shaping the way we work, talk, and engage with each other. In 2021, it’s clear that is here to stay, with countless practical use cases around the world. There are thought to be 35.82 billion IoT devices installed worldwide and a markets&markets report has suggested that this will rise to 75.44 billion devices by 2025.” In the recent IoT Tech Expo 20201, held in London, conversations focused on the Green New Deal, business IoT and consumer-facing IoT. So what products do we see shaping the conversation going forward? We explore these three key topics in this 5 minute, best of IoT Tech Expo 2021 recap.

Green IoT

A topic that came up over and over at the IoT Tech Expo 2021 was green tech. It’s not a new conversation. IEEE postulates that “complicated operations (such as device interconnection, data transmission and service optimization) will consume substantial energy in contrast with the limited energy storage of IoT devices. To improve architectural sustainability and ultimately reduce systemic cost, the [energy-efficient] (green) design of IoT has become more prominent. In particular, with the continuous penetration of advanced information and communications (ICT) technologies (such as VR/AR, UAVs, and automobiles), our smart world is being surrounded by big IoT data that craves energy-efficient caching, computing, networking and securing.” So, look to technologies and products that enable smart buildings and grids to lessen the environmental impact of these interconnected devices.

Business IoT

Is your workgroup remote now? If so, you’re not alone. And that’s increasing the requirement for IoT devices that allow seamless corporate collaboration. At the IoT Tech Expo 2021, we were able to consider the application of tools like the Cisco Webex Board for in-person and digital whiteboard meeting collaboration. Or door monitoring and access systems that allow you to remotely control building access from any secure location. Lastly, maybe voice assistants to quickly schedule meetings or transcribe meeting notes; it’s all already possible but we never needed to adopt it until now. As teams move to new permanent ways of working, expect to see more business IoT become commonplace.. And budgets will expand to make these tech investments.

Consumer-facing IoT

Lastly, we’ll see the data we capture from IoT devices become business assets. And corporations will employ more IoT to improve the customer experience. Deloitte states, “companies should seek to create a non-financial value for consumers in order for them to feel comfortable giving up their information. This helps achieve a balance between getting the information the business needs while making sure their consumers feel like they are getting something in return.” So, as we saw at the IoT Tech Expo 2021; more personalisation and predictive engagement will provide help, not pushy sales talk. In-home IoT devices will enable this from the client’s side like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. While on the retailer side, tracking and routing IoT devices will improve the shipping and ordering journey for the customer further. Expect a better understanding of the real-time and forecasted conditions down to the street level.


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